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Grill Pan, Coated, Set of 2
Grill Pan, Coated, Set of 2High quality non-stick coatingAED 39.00
Table Cloth, Double, Off White Printed
Table Cloth, Double, Off White Printed100% cottonAED 49.00
Table Cloth, Double, Orange-White
Table Cloth, Double, Orange-WhiteBeautiful decorations for dinner tableAED 49.00
Table Cloth, Printed, Double, Terracotta
Table Cloth, Printed, Double, TerracottaMade from pure cottonAED 49.00
Table Runner, Red
Table Runner, RedSeamed all aroundAED 29.00
Asparagus Peeler
Asparagus PeelerMoving blade is made from hardened steel blade.AED 5.00
Muesli Bowl, Set of 2, Black-White
Muesli Bowl, Set of 2Cereal bowls, pack of 2, decorativeAED 28.00
Pasta Tongs, Black
Pasta Tongs, BlackWith heat-resistant plastic spoonAED 19.00
Universal Pan Grip, Plastic
Universal Pan GripHeadboard made of silicone. Handle of heat-resistant plasticAED 24.00
Mini Baking Tins, Silicone, Pink
Mini Baking Tins, Silicone, PinkQuality silicone cake moldAED 17.00
Egg cooking insert, set of 4
Egg cooking insert, set of 4Used to cook breakfast eggs to the desired degree.AED 15.00
Soup Ladle with Pourer, White-Red
Soup Ladle with Pourer, White-RedHigh quality plastic materialAED 19.00
Camping Plate Set, White-Green-Turquoise
Camping Plate Set, White-Green-TurquoiseIdeal for camping and picnic loversAED 27.00
Spice Tube, Silicone
Spice Tube, SiliconeWith perforations on the side walls to cook herbs and spicesAED 10.00
Silicone Ties, Set of 6
Silicone Ties, Set of 6Silicone, the cords can be reused indefinitely and retain their shape.AED 9.00
Silicone Cutter, Set of 3
Silicone Cutter, Set of 3Compatible with the dishwasherAED 8.00
Cookie Cutter Set, Easter, 4pcs
Cookie Cutter Set, Easter, 4pcs.2 rabbits, carrots and egg-shaped.AED 16.00
Parmesan Grater
Parmesan GraterStainless steel grater with sharp special bladesAED 29.00
Mortar, 3-in-1
Mortar, 3-in-1For processing of herbs and spicesAED 49.00
Baking and Casserole Dish
Baking and Casserole DishHigh quality nonstick coating Removable heat-resistant silicone handles AED 39.00
Collection Cup No 5
Collection Cup No. 5Collection cup no. 5AED 19.00
Cake Pop Baking Tray
Cake Pop Baking TrayFor 12 Cake Pops. Recesses for testing of the doughAED 29.00
Ice Cream Stick Pattern
Ice Cream Stick PatternMake your favorite Ice Cream Bars in different flavors.AED 19.00
Egg spoons, 6 pcs. plastic, transparent
Egg spoons, 6 pcs. plastic, transparentScratch-proof plastics.AED 5.00
Ice Lolly Moulds, Set of 4
Ice Lolly Moulds, Set of 4Simple manufacture of water or milk iceAED 22.00
Ice Cream Scoop
Ice Cream ScoopThe ice cream ball shaper is non-stick coating for easy removal of and dishwasher safe. AED 19.00
Permanent Baking Mat, Heart Macaroons
Permanent Baking Mat, Heart MacaroonsSimple baking of 15 heart-shaped macarons Top with nonstick effect - non-slip bottomAED 19.00
Permanent Baking Mat, Heart Macaroons
Mini Baking Tins, SiliconeAlso suitable for desserts. For oven, microwave and freezer.AED 17.00
Silicone Tin, Set of 12
Silicone Tin, Set of 12Flexible for easy removal Dimensionally stable and leak-proof, can also be used without plateAED 19.00
Baking Tins, Heart Shaped, Set of 2
Baking Tins, Heart Shaped, Set of 2A delicious recipe suggestion included it.AED 26.00
Baking Tray with Lid
Baking Tray with LidCover locked and carrying handleAED 34.00
Placemat, Set of 4, Blue
Placemat, Set of 4, Blue4 piecesAED 22.00

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